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Introduction :
DPP-250DII(DIII) AL-PL, AL-AL(AL-PL-AL) Plate model Blister Packing Machine adopts frequency timing and machine, electronic, light and air automatic control technology and strictly conforms to"GMP" standard, bring forth-new ideas in design on the basis of original DPP-250C model, with adjusting stroke, photoelectric register, of station die blocky, AL-PL, AL-AL, AL-PL-AL three functions. The machine is belongs to split combination model, can enter into elevator of 1.5m and finished separately cleaning workshop.
National level authoritative person evaluated the machine again in 2000: that conforms to "GMP" standard and concerned technology filling the gap of home; the combination performance is the lead of home. And listed into "National Grade Torch Plan" in 2002.
It adopts mechanically-drive, pneumatic control; orientate the capsule in a sequence according to different colors, with an international lead in running speed and the rate of orientation and the rate of correction reach to 99.9%.
It can manufacture according to the size of sheet that the customer required, and equip with all kinds of blister packing machine.

Description: DPP-250D II Al/PL
Main technical parameters:
Punch frequency: 20-40times/min
Productivity: 100-300 thousand piece/hour
Overall dimension of machine (L x W x H) 2720x 650x 1560mm
Dimension of packing case (L x W x H) 2820x 830x 1800mm
Weight: 1200kg