Fear of Flying at the airport

Overcoming Fear of Flying

Using Meditation and Breathing Techniques

Posted:Jan 7
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What is Fear of Flying?

Do you feel an overwhelming fear whenever you think about having to take to the skies? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Fear of flying, or "aviophobia", is a relatively common anxiety. Symptoms are usually sweaty palms, fast heartbeat, nausea, and shallow and rapid breathing.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 40 percent of the US population experience some type of fear of flying. Among those, 2.5 percent report extreme fear of flying or clinical phobia. This is anxiety where the person completely avoids flying or does so, experiencing severe distress.

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Is Flying Safe?

Commercial flying worldwide is extremely safe. Flying is the safest way to travel nowadays. Commercial flight incidents cause death once in 20 million flights. On the other hand, 94.4 percent of fatalities occur during highway travel.

Still, to someone who has an extreme fear of flying, these numbers mean nothing.

How to Overcome Fear of Flying

Many people reach for medication because they think it’s a quick solution to deal with this anxiety disorder. Although it may alleviate some symptoms, self-medication for flight phobia can endanger your safety during a flight.

Practicing meditation for fear of flying is not addictive, and it’s beneficial for your body and mind. People that practice meditation to deal with this flying phobia found it significantly reduced their stress levels.

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques for Fear of Flying

Learning to meditate does not take a significant amount of time. Meditation for fear of flying can be done at any time and anywhere. Plus, you do not need to rely upon a doctor for a prescription. There are several methods you can train your mind with to overcome or alleviate the symptoms if you are scared of flying.

Before flight mindfulness

When using guided meditation to overcome flying anxiety, don’t wait until you are on the plane. Start at home, well before you get to the airport. This will keep your stress low and prevent it from building up before you get on the plane.

At the Airport

Continue your meditation methods while you are standing in a long security line. Close your eyes, inhale deep, pause, and exhale fully, pausing again before inhaling. Repeat this as many times as you can. Open your eyes if you need to move, then close them again. Visualize your safe place while incorporating this breathing technique.

Sample Fear of Flying Meditation Session

In-flight meditation breathing techniques

  • During takeoff, listen to a guided meditation wearing headphones. Close your eyes and listen to the voice that will help to distract you during takeoff.
  • Mid-flight, try repeating mantras while inhaling and exhaling deep breaths. Focusing on your breathing will take your attention away from your fear of flying. Repeating mantras like “I am safe,” “I am calm,” “I am happy” will calm your mind.


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