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The company possesses a production line with the capacity for annual output of 120 million hemostixes. It has 200m2 of production plant which is up to the 10,000 GMP class approved by the state. It also has a complete set of facilities for air purification, double distilled water production and delivery. It possesses a management center, a direction center, an inspection center and an internal communication network, all are advanced and efficient.

The company is capable of manufacturing six major types, including 300 varieties, of "evacuated blood collection tubes for single use", Which are all up to the specified standards as approved by the quality supervision department of the state. According to the assessment conducted by CHINA Clinical Inspection Centre and CHINA Military General Hospital, the products show no obvious difference from the similar products imported.

Based on the manfucture of "evacuated blood collection tubes for single use", the company is now engaged in research , development and promotion of one-time-used medical items, with the target to become the production base of similar produts. Its higher goal is to enhance the commercialization and internationalization of chinese medical products.

Different colors are labelled on rubber stoppers and bottles to distinguish the variety or type of certain hemostixes as well as their functions . The tubes are preperly treated both inside and outside in order to prevent hemolysis. These tubes are containing anti-coagulant provide samples for plasma or whole-blood, tests. Japan Terumo, American B-D Tubes are two biggest manufacturers of one-time-used blood collection devices.

Following the world trend, the clinical inspection and scientific circles have a lot of helpful exploration to make blood sampling more regular, scientific and less hazardous . From the late of 1980's to the early days of 1990s many types of blood collection devices such as syringe style, sleeve-tube style and soft articulation style have been successively released.

According to the operation regulation issued by China Ministry of Public Health and the specific conditions of medical organizations, our company has done a great work to make the clinical blood collection more regular, scientific and less hazarodous. Measures of this type are as follows: replace national standard, 12 type with non-standard, 13 type in order to make its size suitable for the instruments; replace the natural rubber stopper with bytle rubber stopper to make vaccum preservation easier and leakage much less; distinct color labels bring about more convenience; octa-molecular layer dura mater processing leads to remarkable effect of blood platelet presevation and reduction of ageing cell fragments; the fixed ratio of anticoagulant to blood makes it easier to eliminate sysematic errors; the alternative state of blood platelet crystalization can cater for the different habits of clinical practice