Sell bluetooh headset for  mobile phone

bluetooh headset for  mobile phone
The Jabra BlueTooth Headset or BT250V is designed for BlueTooth-enabled cell phones making calls more face-to-face with hands-free and cord-free communication. Built from the award-winning Jabra BT250 behind-the-ear design, BT250V now comes in a sleek black look with a new vibrating alert feature!

Totally wireless, the Jabra BlueTooth Headset BT250V features:

* Up to 7 hours of talk time.
* Up to 200 hours or 8 days of standby time.
* Up to 30 feet operating range from your cell phone.
* Superior Sound with extra Jabra's patented MiniGels (2 small, 2 standard) .
* Access functionality using a single multi-function button - voice dialing, call-waiting, last number redial.
* Now in a cool black color with a silent vibrating call alert for incoming calls.