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GPS Receiver - Bluetooth

Never get lost again

Did you want to add the in car navigation function to your mobile phone or PDA. Want to get rid of those wires and be able to connect as you enter the car via the bluetooth wireless link . The solution is our GPS Receiver. It's small , powerful and stylish. It uses 12 satellites to show you the shortest way to your destination with 5 meters accuracy. High-rise buildings, tunnels and such obstacles do not disturb reception. 3 LEDs permanently inform you of the status of the Bluetooth connection, the GPS and the batteries. 3 rechargeable AAA batteries provide 12 hours use.

Product is new with 12 months warranty.

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Receiver functions

GPS Status: The green LED will start blinking once per second when the power switch has been turned on, and GPS receiver will start to work.

Bluetooth : The blue LED will be blinking once per two seconds when the power switch has been turned on, and it will start blinking twice per two seconds after paired and connected with PDA or Mobile phone or Note book PC. Note: blue LED will stop blinking when battery is low. Battery status: The red LED will be blinking to indicate the battery power level is low, on when charging the battery and off if the battery is fully charged

Product is new and comes with 12 months warranty. We ship straight after payment.