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Enjoy complete hands free communication and other conveniences that come with having a Parrot DriveBlue Express Handsfree Car Kit.
The Parrot DriveBlue Express Handsfree Car Kit is compatible with
Sony Ericsson T39/ T39m/ R520m/ T68/ T68m/ T68i/ P800/ P900/ T608/ T610/ T616/ T630/ Z600
Nokia N-Gage/ 3600/ 3620/ 3650/ 3660/ 6230/ 6310i/ 6600/ 6810/ 6810/ 6820/ 7700
Motorola A760/ A830/ A835/ A925/ E390/ T270c/ T280i/ V500/ V525/ V600
Panasonic X70 or Siemens S55/ S56/ U10/ U15/ SX1 cell phone models.
Features Include:

Universal system, works with phones from all manufacturers
Voice dialing, holds up to 300 names in memory
Wordspotting - full voice control for pick up and hang up
Full Duplex communication, noise reduction and echo cancellation
User friendly: you just have to press "On" button or say a key word, followed by the pronunciation of a pre-recorded name
Multiple numbers (home, office and cellular) for the same contact (V-card)
Rapid Bluetooth synchronization with the phonebook
Multi-user: up to 3 people in the same vehicle can use one kit at a time from their respective paired mobile phones
Up to three phones can be paired with the same system
Private mode
Call waiting
Automatic answering function for incoming calls (can be deactivated)
Vocal Caller ID of phonebook contacts (can be deactivated)
Audio volume control through the phone
System Menu access through the phone
Works in six languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch
No installation required
Portable system allows using it in many vehicles, including rental cars
Fully upgradeable software for upcoming Bluetooth phones - no need to change a hands-free kit with a new phone purchase

One-year manufacturers warranty
The item is in Like new condition, has minor cosmetic scratches. Works as if it was New. Unit comes packaged solo, without a microphone.

*Please Note: Wordspotting feature depends on the cellular phone software. No Wordspotting and 10 to 20 voice tags with Nokia 6310, 6310i, 8910, 8910i, 25 voice tags with 3650. Not compatible with Nokia 7650. No Wordspotting and 40 voice tags with Philips Fisio 820, 825. Manual Synchronization for Sony Ericsson T68i with R3 & newer software. No Wordspotting and full in-phone menu access with Siemens S55, S56. No Menu access for Sony Ericsson P800. Other limitations may apply.
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