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bluetooth dongle
Bluetooth V1.2 compliancel Full speed USB V1.2 interfacel Wireless communication with a radius of 64 feet(20 meters) l Connect up to 7different enabled Bluetooth devicesl Encryption and authentication ensure safe secure communicationsl Low power consumptionl Data rate:721 kbpsl Antenna: integrated inside the adapterl 4dbm(class2) bluetooth radiol sensitivity :-80dbm at 0.1% bit Error rate(BER) l security:encrypted link, authenticationl pass SIG Bluetooth TM Version 1.1 certificate, class 2 operation , high-speed USB . conform to USB1.1 standard. l Technology :2.4-2.48GHz frequencyl IC:CSRDrivers support:l Windows 98 SE, windows ME/2000/XPl Mac OS *V10.1.4, V10.1.5&Mac OS *V10.2
Brand Name
HSK or neutral packaging
Warranty Coverage
30 days