Sell bluetooth hands free car kit(V9)

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Bluetooth specification: 2.0, range: 0 to 10m
Compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth cell phone and applicable to GSM, CDMA, TDMA and WCDMA
12-digit caller ID indicator brightly on the rearview mirror with the technology of LED
RF/FM wireless earphone protects the communication privacy
Eight radio frequencies to choose
Hi-fi loudspeaker with the high technology of digital noise and Echo suppression
Voice dialing function
Current-control system help power supply safely
Full two-way (duplex) conversation
Triple-talking is feasible with the cell phone that has the triple-talking function as the precondition
Automatically connect the network by Bluetooth upon initial setup
Store up to eight cell phones for the use of other cell phones in the vehicle
Lines fixing and the multifunctions are easy to understand and use
Luxurious appearance and elegantly designed LED are unique
More assurance of driving safety and much easier to park
Vivid camera picture with full color
Direction of obstacles are showed on the LCD (left>>/right<<)
The visual angle of parking camera is 135 degrees
Shock-, water-resistant, night vision
Parking camera only operates when vehicle is backing
The distance from the obstacles shows in number on the LCD
Four sensors in the bumper of the vehicle detect the obstacles through sending ultrasonic
The parking sensors imported have high detecting accuracy and use the advanced microcomputer technology to improve the detecting stability
The range of detecting: 0.2 to 2.7m
As soon as the vehicle begins to back, the rearview mirror will sound a kind of euphoric music to remind driver, and start to detect automatically
Intelligent voice announces different distance to driver according to the detecting of sensors
Parking sensor function must be used with Bluetooth hands free car kit
Excellent technology of anti-misinformation
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