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Bluetooth 1.2 V
Range: Class 2,10 meters
Combination of Bluetooth and MP3:When calls come in the mp3 player will suspend and shift to bluetooth operation. When it come back to bluetooth operation
PC interface supported:USB
Digital formats supported: MP3/WAV/WMA
Signal-to-noise ratio:87.2dB
Playback Modes:Random play
External hard drive function: Yes
Sound output mode: Stereo
Audio Additional features:Auto-power off
Earphones type: Binaural
Mfr estimated battery life : 6hours continuous
Charging Time:3hours continaully
Battery tape/capacity: Built-in Lithium lon Polymenr/3.7v,150mAh
Maximum imput power rating:5VDC,150mA
Voice output power:55mW
Voice output frequency:20Hz-20Khz
earphone impendance:16 (Ohms)*2
Memory Flash:128MB-1G