Sell bluetooth steering wheel car kit FM/SD

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1. bluetooth car kit fixed wheel with mp3
2. Install inside car steering wheel to keep voice clearest and it also omit remote
control to make driving more comfortable.
3. Support SD card and USB flash disk and MP3 file format.
4. Built-in FM Transmitter and support full frequency range(87.5-108.0MHz) .
5. Adopt 2.4G third generation CSR bluetooth version and transmitting distance is
beyond 8M.
6. Show caller ID and voice reminding.
7. Built-in speaker and rechargeable battery.
8. Can answer/send/private answer by wireless earpiece.
9. High resolution LCD screen display song frequency, incoming phone number and
support multi language
10. Key functions:frequency swith/pause/play/volume/previous/next answer/end/
private answer.
11. Button laser carving with background ligh to make operation more convinient
in the night.
12. Can memorize song/frequency/volume.
13. Line out to connect to earpiece etc. monitoring equipment.
14. Automatically play music from SD card or USB flash disk.
15. Adopt digital transmitting technology to keep from outside noise.
16. Support multi language(optional)
17. Car power voltage range:DC 12-24V.