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boat rod holder
This is boat rod holde widely used in USA, West EU. There are two different size. 5" and 7" long. It has been exporting for 3 years as well, now delivering 70% of our output to Europe and 20% to Southeast Asia. Our products include landing nets....
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Boat Rod, Trolling Rod
MODEL LENGTH SECTION LINE(lb) REEL SEAT GUIDE GRIP GIMBAL SS-1 5'0"/1.50m 1 15-30 Graphite Hardened aluminum-oxide EVA YES-AL SS-2 5'6"/1.65m 1 40-80 Graphite Hardened aluminum-oxide EVA YES-AL SS-3 6'0"/1.80m 1 25-50 Graphite Hardened alumin....
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fishing rods,
material: fiberglass, carbon length: various section: various type: telescopic rod, pole rod, spinning rod, rock rod, surf rod, centre open rod, boat rod, fly rod, match rod, cast rod and so on OEM is allowed Especially for the fishing rod ma....
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boat  rods
we can produce all kinds of boat rods, the action from 8-15lbs to 80-130lbs
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Mo(Molybdenum) (F-ST-1020)
Molybdenum is a silvery-white, hard metal which is widely used in alloys, electrodes and catalysts. The essentials: Chemical formula: Mo Color: silvery white Atomic number: 42 Atomic weight: 95.94(2) CAS registry number: 7439-98-7 We ....

W(Tungsten) (F-ST-1018)
Tungsten is a very hard, heavy, steel-gray to white metal which has the highest melting point (3422 C) , lowest vapour pressure, and the highest tensile strength at temperatures over 1650 C of all metals. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can....

Fishing Rods
Rod manufacture is one of our strengths. In this field we have around 500 workers and around 50 professional R&D engineers. Our rod products include fly fishing, spinning & casting, carp, matcher & feeder, boat, surf/beach, trolling, ice rod, t....
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Ta(Tantalum) (F-ST-1021)
Tantalum is a grey blue, heavy, and very hard metal which is almost completely immune to chemical attack under temperatures below 150C. Tantalum is ductile and it can be drawn into fine wire used as filament for evaporation purpose. This element has ....

Fishing hooks
Our factory produces all kinds of fishing hooks. Established in 1937, Wuxi Greenwave Fishing Tackle Co. , Ltd is the 1st fishing tackle manufacturer of China. Our factory is located in the first-grade national beauty spot, Wuxi Tai Lake Tourism and V....
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molybdenum rods, sheets, plates
We provide a range of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys in the form of wire, rod, plate or sheet. We also manufacture molybdenum furnace boats and spun molybdeum components.
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