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Q Doll in our products is divided two part
> A. Type:
> a. All Polymer Clayby handmade
> b. Poly style (head Polymer Clay) - the body for Poly, the current
> models about 20~21 cm - about our customers now have preferred the
> all handmade, so we ordered in addition to a lot of quantity, we No
> longer develop new Poly style
> B. specifications: Q Doll high
> a. standing about 20 ~ 21 cm
> b. the sitting about 16 cm (available in the market than the much
> larger - on the market about 12 ~ 16 cm)
> C. form: there is no particular limit
> D. scenes: as complexity to determine the price
> E. Weight: about 250 ~ 300 gm / pcs