Sell body collision repair system  GAD-2150

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Bed Length 5600mm
Bed Width 2100mm
Bed Height 600mm
Hydraulic Pressure 70Mpa(10000psi)
Pulling Max. Tension 95KN
Pulling radius 360 degrees
Pneumatic Pressure Range 0.8MPa
Max. Lifting Weight 3000kg
Total Weight 2900kg
5600mm length bed is made from manganese steel.
3 ton heavy duty lift with a fixed leg and a moved leg with 600mm lift.
600mm bed height for a safe and comfortable working height.
The ring Bed accommodates Unibody and Frame cars, trucks and vans .
2 - 10 ton post tower; 2 (C 3500mm chains with hooks.
1-overhead puller.
1700mm tower tall from top of bed - embedded collar for precise pulling angles and 250mm tower extensions available.
2 air hydraulic pump(C Enerpac air/hydraulic pumps with gauge.
360 degree pulling and four floors of slot in bed (C design provides versatility of pulling from multiple angles and corners.
1 set of standard clamps are easily removed so the vehicle can be placed on the bed.
2 accessorial clamps.
1set of sencondary lift.
1 set of non-skid ramps for safe loading and unloading.
1 set of drive over.
1 set of laser mate measuring system. Including Mitchell Database.
1 set of bridge measuring system.
17 pieces of pulling tools.