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Introduce of floating coil heat exchanger

controlling temperature automaticl The hot water system is widely applied to hotel, restaurant, government, school, hospital, industrial factory dorm and other occasions, those hot water is heated by Stream-water exchanger. For long time , people widely adopt reserved heater(shell and tube exchanger mainly) , which occupy too many, and it is very hard to control temperatures for this processes is similar with match-fired boiler, meanwhile it is not average for the load requirement of boiler. So , this exchanger consumes high energy , requires big room , complicated structure, produced scales easily, clears difficult , thermal efficiency low. Based on these reasons, the exchanger is provided with characteristic that is limited-reserved water and recovered quickly , which can attain temperature to be controlled exactly. Meanwhile, as adopting the newest technological exchanging organ , it makes areas small and thermal efficiency high, and can clear scales automatism , service expediently . At present, it is very popular for this product , particularly in Europe. And it uses at hotel of star grade nine tenths interiorly.
Based on bringing advancing technology and mass experimental , we have produced III level floating coil heat exchanger which can get rid of dirty automatic, control temperature exactly , characteristic of saving energy effect is notability all that is well popular for all circles. It comes out based on continuous experiment and innovation from original product.
Compared with aged product , device for increasing remnant stream condensation this time utilize theory of steam-liquid current , then obtain the latest scientific research , which settle problems of remnant stream remain in coagulate water in aged product, which improve using rate of heat energy. Meantime, this equipment plays the role of scattered-water implement In this way, one side it can avoid energy loss resulted by quality instability of scattered-water implement , on the other hand , it can also make the loss of floating tube reduce , the improved exchanger can normally operate with pressure over 0.05Mpa , while the former one which need at least 0.2Mpa.
The changed heat exchanger has been improved on clearing sclaes automaticly and y