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Formula: H3BO3
Description: White or colorless, smooth crystals or powder; soluble in water. , alcohol and glycerin.
Specification: Purity 99.5% min
Sulohates 0.1%max.
Iron 0.002%max.
Chlorides 0.02%max.
Insolbule matter in water 0.05%max.
Uses: It is chemical used for making ceramics. Glazes, cements, wicks, food preservative, special glasses; also for leather dressing compounds for pretaration of hides prior to tanning; artificial precious stones; as flux in metallurgical industry, fire- proofing compositions and linings for safes; also for pogments; enmel paints, paper glazes, cosmetics, soaps, textiles, medicines, etc.
Packing: In plastic woven bags lined with plastic bags of 25KG net each
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