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We manufacture and exporting boron carbide material and relative products.

Boron carbide is smelted from boric acid and powdered carbon in electric furnace under high temperature. Depending on hardness of 4950kgf/mm2, It is even harder than diamond and cubic boron nitride. Because of their high strength, low density, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, low thermal conductivity, high modulus of elasticity, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

1. Refractory material, 2. Armor, 3. Nozzle, 4. Abrasive field, 5. Honing stones, 6. Metal matrix composites, 7. Nuclear Technology, 8. Tool and die fabrication, 9. Ultra-sonic machining, 10. Spraying of boron carbide, 11. Spray sand, 12. chemistry field, 13. Consumer products, 14. computer

Boron Carbide powder grits sizes correspond to the customers requirements including specifications of the GB2477-83; FEPA; JIS standards.

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