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Boron carbide (FEPA)
Specification: 1. Grit: F8-F220

2. Micro Powder: F230-F1200

For its good properties and characters, it has wide application:
1. Boron Carbide is the main raw material for engineering, e. g. all kinds of advanced cutting tools with high speed, and high degree wear-resisting moulds, spray nozzle, sealed washer (gasket) , precise measuring element, etc.

2. It is also for producing refractory, e. g. refractory brick, ceramics, refractory fiber, refractory furniture, etc.

3. It can be used to make special welding rod, e. g. wear-resisting high alloy welding rod, hard surfacing electrode, valve surfacing electrode, etc.

4. For its good absorption of neutron and semi-conducting, it is an indispensable material for making metal boride, Titanium Boride, Boric Steel, and Neutron absorbent in nuclear industry.

5. To be used as raw material for ballistic Armour and relative products, e. g. vests, leg Armour, shields, vehicles, etc.

6. To be used as the raw material for boron trichloride.

7. Due to its extreme hardness, it has good wear and abrasive resistance, then it can be used as not only lapping and polishing material, such as the polishing of high speed steel.
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