Sell borosilicate capillary tube( for blood collection)

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Detailed Product Description
Product(s) :
1) . Hematocrite capillary tubes without heparine
2) . Hematocrite capillary tubes with sodium heparine 80IU/mL
Technical specifications and dimensions:
1.1 1.2mm internal diameter
1.5 1.6mm external diameter
Product Presentation:
Our micro-haematocrit capillary tubes are made of glass and are available in different lengths and diameters. The standard length is 75 mm. The standard inside diameter is 1.1-1.2 mm and the standard outside diameter is 1.5-1.6 mm. 100 capillaries are packed in glass vials, 10 vials are in a carton. The capillaries are available without heparine and sodium-heparinized. Micro-haematocrit tubes are quality products that conform to international standard ISO 12772. The tubes are supplied fire polished at the color-coded end, Supplied with color-coding on the packaging and on the tubes in plain (blue color) , or with uniform sodium heparinisation (red colour) , green , purple. . .