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The size of the bottle and replacement filters makes travel with the device easy
and relaxed. The bottle and filter may be brought along almost anywhere one goes.
Because it is not designed to filter untreated water, the 23-ounce sport bottles
should be filled directly from the tap. Municipal water may contain residual chlorine, additional contaminants, and other components contributing to bad taste and odor. Simply bring the sports bottle to your lips, and squeeze or draw the contents through the patented, exit filtration system. This action immediately delivers clean-tasting filtered water for your drinking pleasure.

It is specifically designed to be easy to use. Low squeeze pressure will promptly
deliver an adequate amount of water each time. The efficient filter work together
to deliver clean, fresh-tasting water. The filter will treat up to 40 gallons of drinking water. That equates to 75-150 refill bottles of water before the filter needs to be changed. To ensure the best tasting water; we recommend you replace your filter every 60 days, regardless of use.
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