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Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)
Benzoyl peroxide is colourless, crystalline solid having a faint odour of benzaldehyde. It is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, and soluble in chloroform and ether. One g dissolves in 40 ml of carbon disulfide. It melts between 103 0C ....

Single-Stage Double-Suction Inter-Opened Spiral Casting Centring Centrifugal Pump (BPO(L) Series)
Adopts excellent hydraulic model Wider type spectrum and better structure Provides better reliability <1>Technical data: A) Flow: 64.4-9810 m3/h B) Head: &le; 200m C) Medium temperature: &le; 80&ordm; C D) Operation pressure: &le; ....
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Benzoyl Peroxide Abb. : BPO CAS No. :94-36-0 Quality Standard: Item Industry Grade Fine Grade Appearance White crystal granule or powder White crystal powder Assay(dry) 98%min 99%min Assay(wet) 75%min 84%min....
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PHi is a new generation end-to-end Information Technology & Business Process Outsourcing Service provider. PHi has domain expertise in Retail, hospitality, healthcare, document management, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services and other generic ....
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Galvanization (zinc) poly putty -Car refinish
Composing: It is made from unsaturated polyester resin, modified resin, igment, various filling, anti sediment materials, addition agent and solvent, and cream hardener of BPO mixing ratio 100:2. Characteristics: 388# polyester putty is a all-pu....
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Global Outsourcing Consultancy
Symphisis Consulting is a fastest growing, buyer centric / supplier independent, Global Outsourcing Management and Consulting firm. Offshore Outsourcing or Offshore IT/BPO definitely has some great advantages, only if planned, managed and implemented....
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CET Telemarketing offers low cost Call Center Services and Business Process Outsourcing for companies in Europe and the USA. We have locations in Western and Eastern Europe: Bucharest - Romania, Budapest - Hungary, and Kvln/Cologne - Germany with Ger....
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Accounting BPO services are an emerging tool to facilitate the management to spend more time in the core activity of the company. These services rendered by professionally trained and qualified people will relieve you off the hassles of going through....
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We are chennai, India based BPO Services company offering BPO Services, Outsourcing and Call Centre services. We have been providing complete back office support services for few European and USA companies.
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GAZE IT Solutions is been engaged in design and development of highquality Software solutions and has experience in turnkey projects. We are also into IT Enabled Services such as BPO operations for the Insurance/Medical Sector and Customer Service....