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Energy storage spring brake chamber with function of service, parking and emergency brake increase the brake safety and reliability significantly and is applied to vehicles with air brake. Energy storage spring brake chamber can eliminate the potential risk of malfunction of the brake to prevent vehicles from side sliding or swerving. Energy storage spring brake chamber owns not only function of static emergency brake, but also good function of dynamic emergency brake. When parked, the energy storage spring is released, and the pushrod is pressed to make the brake in normally close condition; when serviced, the driver releases manual valve, compressed air enter the front cavity of the chamber via double air control valve and effect on the front end side, the spring is compressed and piston is pushed backward to release brake; when brake is needed during service, driver steps on the brake pedal, compressed air enter spring cavity of chamber through brake valve, at the same time some air is vented from front cavity of chamber when the blast of compressed air go into air control valve, which will achieve balance between residual air pressure and spring force when piston moves to farthest end. During the braking, spring is in the condition of compulsory attenuation which will generate quick snub, wheels will not be locked even at dry road condition when heavy load is applied. Service safety is enhanced when brake on road with snow and rain. The wear of tyre, lining and drum is also reduced.