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Jincao brand lock copper pipe joint is a patent product which our company has researched and developed by ourselves. The product has many advantages such as simple installation procedure, extensive usage, steady and safe capability, nicer sealing performance and so on. It is the upgrade and renew product that can substitute the compressioned joint in the current market. The pipe is used widely in the hot-cold water and suitable for the fuel gas pipeline system of the building implements for both the industry and the civil. It can also be used in the many products such as washing machine, water heater, sanitary appliance and gas kitchen etc. , and it can be suitable for pipeline. With the advantage of energy-saving and environmental protection, it became one of the major generalized product of the National Patent Office. We will give you more details about the difference between the lock copper pipe joint and the compressioned joint.
1. Simpler usage
The normal compressioned joint is consist of the seal ring, wedge ring, shim, nut and the body, but the lock copper pipe joint have the structure of body and the lock only. It is simple and easy to install.
2. More extensive usage
The compressioned joint can only fit for the aluminum and plastic compound pipe, it is used in transmission of the low pressure medium. The lock pipe joint can not be only used in the aluminum and plastic compound pipe, but also the PVC pipe, PE pipe, PP-R pipe and other rubber pipe.
3. Higher capability of connection
The operational principal of ordinary compressioned joint is depend on the firm connection between the wedge ring and the seal ring, and its tensile force is only 610N. If it is be pulled carelessly, it can cause the potential hidden trouble of leakage. The lock pipe joints tensile force can reach 750N because of its special operational principal, and it can hardly cause the leakage and can show better capability in the secluded project.
4. Nicer sealing performance
The compressioned pipe joints operating pressure is only 1.0MP. For the lock pipe joint, no matter which kind of medium the joint have, the operating pressure will not exceed 1.2MP. We can also design and produce the product that can endure high pressure according to the customer request.