Sell breakout tight buffer optical cable

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Each Simplex with aramid yarn as strength fiber, high strength, good bending performance, no gel, easy to be connected and operated on.
Each simplex with buffer design, independent strength member and sheath to prevent damage from environmental and mechanical stress.
Sheath colours varies according to the types of optical fibers (indoor use) . Black colour is recommended for outdoor use, options for other colours available upon request.
Number of optical fiber cores 2 -12, other numbers available upon request.
Options available for LSZH or PE outer sheath, which is ultra-violet radiation resistant, water-proof, mildew-proof, environmental stress endurable and with no acidic gas released to corrode switch room equipment .

Laying methods:Indoor level and vertical laying, ceiling laying, surface laying etc.

Temperature Range: -40deg to +60deg

Fiber count: 2 to 12core