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We produce bromelain for food, cosmetics and pharmacutical applications and the products ranges from 600 GDU/g to 2400 GDU/g with various enzyme activity. We have recently built an advanced production line and improved our unique process to obtain top quality and large quantity production capacity.

Bromelain is extracted from the stems of pineapple by using advanced process. It is mainly composed of proteinase and other contents. Its activity specification is indicated by GDU per gram and the maximum activity specification can reach up to 3000GDU per gram. Bromelain is widely used in medicines, health products, food, cosmetics and other industries. Since it has the function of strong decomposition of fibrin and the blood clot, it is specially remarkable in medical applications.

[Food industry] protein in the food can be hydrolyzed into micro-molecule peptide or amino acid by bromelain, thus, the bromelain can be made into tenderizer for meat, softener for biscuits and heal the food.

[Medical application] bromelain has the effects of improving the immunity, diminishing, inflammation, alleviating pain and stimulating digestion as well as helps with cardiovascular and circulatory improvement.

[Cosmetics industry] adding bromelain to cosmetics and skin-care products that contain proteins and oil con cleanse and nurse your skin, promote the blood circulation, tender and whiten the skin and improve the skin's functioning.

[Forage Industry] putting the bromelain into some mixed forages can greatly increase the availability and inversion of protein, thus decreasing the cost for forages.
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