Sell bubble foil insulation

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Foil single bubble Foil is comprised of one layer of polyethylene air bubbles sandwiched two layers of 99% pure aluminum foil. The polyethylene encapsulated air bubbles serve as an effective thermal break as well as vapor barrier, while the two outer layers of aluminum reflect up to 97% of all of the radiant heating energy.
Product characteristic:
Type: AL201B
LWW: 50/40W1.2m (custom also available)
Thickness: 3-3.2mm
Bubble diameter: 9mm, 10mm, 20mm
Weight: 250g/m2,280g/m2,320g/m2, etc (>=250g/m2)
Color: silver

Technical parameters:
Temperature: -60 ℉ ~ 180 ℉ (-51 0 ~ 82 0)
Reflectivity: 95%~97%
Pure aluminum thickness: 75

Stop radiant heat flow by both 97% reflectivity and 3%emissivity:substantial reduction in fuel and energy cost;
Reducing heat flow by convection; good alternative by reducing animal mortality rate;
Increased strength and puncture resistance with air retention layer designed in bubble, compact and pliable yet resistant t punctures, tears and cracking;
Clean, non-toxic and lightweight, fire retardant;
Effectively against moisture, air currents and vapors, resisting fungus, insects and nesting rodents.
Residential commercial and agricultural construction, new and retrofit:
Attics, floor, crawl space, duct, spiral pipe wrapping, basement, ceiling, roofs, masonry wall;
Thermal, vapor and radiant barrier;
Poultry houses, hog and diary barns, livestock habitat and warehouse, etc;
Post frame, post frame metal building, steel frame, metal building retrofit, Hot-water tank wrapping.