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Our buckwheat processing line consists of cleaner, grader, huller and shells separator.
There are two units: cleaning and grading system, hulling and separating system.
Those two units can fulfill the task to produce buckwheat kernels without other assist machine.


The processing capacty of cleaning and sizing unit: 600-800kg/h
Output of dehulling and separating unit: 150-200kg/h buckwheat kernels.
% of buckwheat kernels: 70% (i. e. 1kg of buckwheat seeds can be produced into 0.7kg of buckwheat kernels) .
% of unhulled seeds in the kernels: 3%
% of the kernels in the shells: 0.5%.
% of the broken buckwheat kernels (Broken kernel is less than 3/4 of whole buckwheat kernel) : 2% max.
Occupied area of cleaning and sizing unit: 8.22 m W 2.8m, Height: 3m
Occupied area of dehulling and separating unit: 5.6 m W 2.8m, Height: 3.2m

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