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Property of bulbex rivets:
7 Maximum Support: The Tri-fold rivet forms three large folded legs that distribute the fastener's clamp-load over a large blind side head formation. This feature provides maximum support for brittle, soft or ductile material applications, and when used with oversized or irregularly shaped holes. Tri-fold rivet is used in automotive applications such as plastic body panels, trim and interior components.
7 Multi-Grip: Tri-fold rivets feature multi-grip capability allowing one size to function in wide variations of material thickness, reducing the number of rivet sizes required.
7 Corrosion Resistant: The Tri-fold rivet's all aluminum construction offers excellent corrosion resistance.
7 Positive Mandrel Retention: Tri-fold rivet have a locked mandrel core that won't rattle or fall loose into assemblies.