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Model Self-bearing mild-steel cylindrically shaped tank with low centre of gravity and 2 bottom discharge cones (hoppers)

Test pressure 3 bar

Max. working pressure 2 bar

Working temperature -200 to 500C

Thickness 6 mm

Compartments The tank is divided in 1 compartment

Tank top accessories

2 manholes DN500 with hinged and swivel quick release lids Walkway with handrail and ladder

Discharge equipments

2 outlet cones of 850mm diameter

An aeration pad is mounted in each discharge hopper

all airlines have no-return valves

Discharge possibilities

Central discharge opening on the 2 hoppers diameter 200mm, closed with a blank cover Material outlets of 100mm diameter with manual valves, lead out together to discharge pipe

Running gear

FUWA axles 3x13T double wheels

12 steel rims and tyres 11.00R20

2" kingpin

2-geared mechanical operated landing legs

Braking system

Double line air brakes Mechanical parking brake

Electrical system

Complete electrical system with 7-socket DIN and SAE connection


All steel parts are steel blasted before painting

Tanker and chassis is painted according customers wish


Side protection

2 PVC hose carriers on left side PVC mudguards

Tool box
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
50 pcs Per Month
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T