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We supply bullet proof vests and helmets at AK47 ammunition protectionlevel. Full specifications available on request. Please see photos on our website.
This is common bulletproof vest. Our bulletproof products are made of High Tenacity and High Modulus Dyneema (PE)
Fiber, it is one of the three most hi-tech fibers in the world. In China, the technology
of PE production is developing fast . The PE we use is the newest GenerationThird material. With PE fabric made of this new material is softer with betterprotection performance, what is more, it is lighter (153gsm) . An NIJ IIIAbulletproof vest ( Size M ) only needs 35 layers at most. The total weight of the
vest( including the out cover ) is only 1.9kg. After many tests, the bullet only
goes through 16 layers at most, and the deformation is less than 28mm. We also can make bulletproof vests with Twaron material, which is made by introduced
into Kevlar technology form USA, its performance is same with Kevlar. Its weight
is much lighter than that of new PE material, and its price is a little higher. Bulletproof vest has different protection levels; we mainly have NIJ II Level and
NIJ IIIA Level. If it needs to reach NIJ III Level or NIJ IV Level, it must need
to put into NIJ III and NIJ IV Level bulletproof plate.
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