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Our main products are: body armor, bulletproof vest and bulletproof plate that meet NIJ Standard 0101.04. with the level of IIIA, III, and IV and with the property of resisting American Parabellum 9mm pistol, M -16, AK -47 and American 7.62x51 armor cartridge. We also have a line of vests which can stop edged blade threats as well as combined threats (ballistic spike, ballistic stab) . The original materials of our products are Kevlar from DuPont.

The advantages:
1, Competitive Price. The price of our product is lower than the congeneric product's in the market, it guarantees the benefit of our customers.
2, Quanlity Guarantee. All of our products have passed NIJ 0101.04 standard. and the delivery time is much more guaranteed
3, Lightweight. The lightweight characteristics will also help our customers get a lot of orders from their local governments. The real of weight of SaoSA plate is 2.3kgs ( Plate Level III ) .
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