Sell burn-resistant instantaneous electric water heater

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WHIXX-J1 Series consist of

WHI60-J1 (6KW) ,
WHI70-J1 (7KW) ,
WHI80-J1 (8KW) ,
WHI90-J1 (9KW) ,
WHI100-J1 (10KW)


1. Six powers optional by pressing the keys;

2. LED water temperature display;

3. Protection for overheating, over-voltage, electricity leak.

4. Frostbite prevention by being electrified and keeping the temperature at 2oC.

5. Starts under a ultra low water pressure; closed with quite a few water supplies.

6. External stream adjusting, water volume is easy to be adjusted.

7. With turnable swithches, easy to assembly and adjustable.

8. Microcomputer intelligent control, automatically system malfunction checking.

1. More advanced
Agnum semiconductor intelligent heater has taken place of the conventional heating wire. It is a world leading brand of liquid heaters.

2. Burn resistant
Semiconductor heaters have the features of flameless, burn resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant, rust resistant, etc. This eliminated completely the disadvantages of the electric water heaters such as electricity leak, fusing, tube explosion, water leak, etc.

3. Long-life
Semiconductor heating material is pure oxide. It cant be damaged because of the further oxidation. It has a life of up to more than 10000 hours (30 years) . While the conventional electric heating wire has a life of less than 3000 hours.

4. More safe
It goes heating outside the tube. Water and electricity are separated. There is the most advanced, efficient and insulating materialspoly imide film between the heating part and the pure copper tube heating exchanger. It anti-static voltage is up to more than 2500V, which doubles the national standard voltage.

5. Saving more electricity
The semiconductor heats in a low temperature. There is no light energy losing during the heating process.
6. Higher pressure-resistance
Copper tube heat exchanger with the pressure resistance up to 1Mpa.

7. Smaller
Exterior dimensions are 250MM153MMa68MM. It is even smaller than a magazine.

8. More beautiful
It covers less space and doesnat block the sunshine. It doesnt disturb the order and style of the bathroom.

9. More convenient
Supplies water with constant temperature; point of use; no need for heat preservation and timing adjusting; comfort and convenient.

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