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butyl sealant
Butyl Sealants:
ACST 8506 Butyl Sealant is a non-dried sealant developed especially for the construction industry. ACST 8506 has excellent adhesion and will move along with the materials it is attached to providing excellent waterproof function. If interested, please send ACST an inquiry. Thank you.
ACST 8509 Butyl Sealant is widely used in sealing between metal and other materials. Because ACST 8509 has a very low permeability, it is an excellent choice when comes to waterproofing. ACST 8509 is widely used in container and automotive industry. Please send ACST an inquiry if interested.
ACST was established back in the 80s as a trading company. We currently have factory plants in both Thailand and China. Our Chinese plant was built in 1995 to provide sealants and waxy undercoating to the local market. Since then we have developed different types of sealants and sealant tapes suitable for different markets. Our company specializes in Butyl tapes and sealants as it is currently the most environmental products on the market. We are also focusing on sealants that are more environmental. ACST is focusing on providing the most economical and environmental solution to you. Please feel free to contact ACST with your inquiry and we are more than happy to assist you.