Buy buy copper and non-ferrous metal scrap

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Wo Sang Metal Shop Co. Ltd is a Non-Ferrous metal scraps recycler in China, our head office is located in Hong Kong, and we have our own scraps yard & warehouse in Nanhai, China. We purchase scraps from worldwide, then import to our China yards, some of the scraps will be recycled by ourselves / Joint Venture, others will be sold to domestic recyclers or factories. Currently, we are handling around 200 to 300 containers monthly.

Now, we are looking for the following scraps:

1. Copper Cathode
2. Copper blister
3. Copper Matte / powder etc. .
4. Re-melt Copper billets, ingot etc. .
5. Copper Clad laminate scrap / Solder board trims
6. Copper scraps as of ISRI standard (e. g. Birch/Cliff, Berry, Candy, Mill Berry, Ocean, Talk etc. . )
7. Lead/Acid car battery scraps (RAINS)
8. Lead battery plates
9. Stainless steel scraps (SUS 304 scraps & SUS 316 scraps)
10. Shredded mixed heavy metals
11. Cables scraps, CATV, ACSR, Jelly cables etc. .
12. ISRI standard AL scraps (e. g, Taint / tabor, UBC, 6063, ACSR etc)
13. Other kinds of non-ferrous metal scraps.