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Our clients need machine embroidery tablecloth which is made in China. They hope to purchase them oftenly, but each purchasing is small order and varied style. After discussion with our clients, we understand what they need for the first time trail order is each pattern of each size for about 50-100 pcs,

For example:

design A, we may be need 50 pcs for 54x54, 100 pcs 72x108, 100 pcs for 72x126, 50 pcs for 72 round

design B, we may be need 100 pcs for 54x54, 50 pcs for 72x126, 100 pcs for 72 round

design C, we may be need 50 pcs for 72x90, 50 pcs for 60x90, 100 pcs for 72x126

design D, --------


Generally speaking, the size they need is follow: (Inch)

54x54/60x90/72x90/72x108/72x126/72 round

All the size are inch

We must point out that this time they only need tablecloth made in China, machine embroidery or print, material is polyester or cotton. The pattern is floral design.

Please let us know the picture of your products, price of FOB China and CIF Toronto and the material of your each design as well.