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Model c purlin forming machine consists of uncoiler and its base, coil
sheet guiding equipment, roll forming system, pressing equipment, post-cutting
equipment, hydraulic station, controlling system, supporter table
Technical Parameters:
Material Spec: Colored and galvanized steel sheet at yield stress 33KSI;
Thickness of Coil Sheet: 0.5 --0.6 mm
Working Speed: 2.0 ~ 3.0 m/min.
Power Requirement Main motor power: 5kw
Hydraulic Station Power: 5.5Kw
Passive Uncoiler Max. Capacity: 5000kgs
Quantity of Stands: 15groups
Controlling System: PLC
Type of Cutting: Roll-formed and length-set cutting
Total Weight: About 9500kg
Voltage: 380V 3 phase 60Hz or at buyers requirement

Working Flow:
Decoiling the Sheet->Sheet Guiding->roll Forming->Measure Lengh ->
Cutting the Panel->Panels to the Supporter.
CE safety certificate
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c purlin machine
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