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Detailed Product Description
Brief introduction of cable tray:
The electric cable bridge are widely used on construction projects such as laying
electrical wire and cable etc. Making the lay of the electric wire, electric cable
and pipeline achieved the standardization, the seriation, the universalized level,
the electric cable bridge has provided a new way for the engineering design,
the installation work and the production automation.
Types of cable trays:
1. Six types according to different structure:
The great span type, ladder type, tray type, trough type, combined type and layout
2. Three types according to different material:
The steel type, aluminum alloy type and glass fiber reinforced plastic type.
3. Three types according to different usage:
The ordinary, anticorrosion, and anti- burning type.
4. Three types according to the load:
The light, heavy and aggravating type.

Surface treatment of cable trays:
Steel cable trays can be surface-treated with spray, zinc-plating, spray and zinc-plating, cold zinc dipping, hot galvanizing and nickel zinc-plating and alloy.
Besides, we can provide requested accessories and fittings
1. Spraying should be carried out in alkali and salt corrosion free site.
2. Hot zinc dipping cable tray should be used in a place where there is no acid, alkali
and salty substance in case of short working life.
3. The place where cold galvanizing work would be taken should be dry, ventilated, and corrosion free.

Advantages and installation:
The cable trays have the advantages of high strength, reasonable structure, better load, flexible layout, easy construction, convenient installation and easy wire line

The electric cable bridge may be impractically layed along with the process tube,
may under the floor, hoisted under the girder, or be placed in the room, outside
of the wall, the column, the tunnel, or on the electric cable ditch wall, and
also may be installed in the open-air column or frusta.

For horizontal layout cable bridge, it should be fixed every 2m and for vertical
layout cable trays, it should be fixed up every 1.5 meters.
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