Sell cabled(multi-ply) viscose rayon yarn offer

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cabled viscose rayon yarn

SPECS: 300D/2*2/1*3/2*3, 450D/2*2/1*3/2*3, 600D/2*2/1*3/2*3, etc.

Cabled viscose yarn is using viscose filament yarn of special specifications as main raw material, and coming from special processing of twisting and hanking etc. It is excellent in hygroscopicity, air penetrability and dye ability, and classified to raw white and dyed two sorts. Raw white cabled yarn is good of dye ability. The dyed cabled yarn is vivid in color and brilliant luster. It is widely used in handwork, crocheting, artwork, relay drop and braces etc. the products are plenty of style and easy of alteration.
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