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1) Applications: caffeine can excite the central nervous system and it can make the cerebral cortex more excited. It can inspire spirits, get rid of tiredness, improve thought process, and make people high efficiency in work and quick in thinking. Meanwhile, it can excite the medulla oblongata and promote the dilatation of the blood vessel a) Can be used in the inhibition of the never. It can accelerate the extraction of the striated muscle; promote the dilatation of the circulation system and the blood vessel and the extraction of the cardiac muscle b) Good for the weakness of the cardiac muscle and the inhibition of the breath c) Can be used as a diuretic for the kidney d) Can relax the inhibition of the nerve and it can rescue the people who are poisoned by phenobarbital or morphine e) Can be used individually
2) Appears as a mixture like A. P. C tablet, caffeine benzoate, caffeine salicylate and caffeine ergotamine
3) Specification: BP2002/USP27

25kg/fiber drum
500kg/supper SAC