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Calcined Petrolem Coke
True density Not less 2.06 YB4091
Sulfur, % (m/m) Not over 0.5 YB/T1430
Volatile content Not over 0.5 Q/CNPC  JX501
Ash, % (m/m) Not over 0.5 GB/T1429
Fixed carbon, Not less 98.5 GB 2004
Water content, Not over 0.3 YB / T 1428
Brain diameter(2) report GB3520

This product is treated in tank  type calcining furnace where the temperature is up to 13500. The trait of the product is high carbon content and low ash and sulfur content. It is suitable to produce graphite electrode, anode brei, Carburetant etc.
Package, Symbol, Storage, Transportation, Delivery, Check and Acceptance: There are two packing types, one is loading in bulk (in terms of customers requirement) , another is loading in packing bags. The net weight of one bag of calcinde petroleum coke is 50 1 1kg,
or it can be changed according to users desire. In the period of storage and transportation ,
pay much attention to moisture  proof, rain  proof.
Test methods:samping should meet the standard of YS/T62, the quantity should not be less than 300g every sampling. Test methods of the product should meet the method of test stipulated in quality specification.
Notes: pay much attention to moisture  proof , rain  proof in the period of storage and transportation.
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