Sell calcium carbonate

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1. Heavy tar calcium carbonate:
The Heavy tar calcium carbonate is selects the high quality pure white calcite is a raw material, undergoes the selection, the laundering, the air seasoning, thickly broken, broken, working procedure processings and so on attrition, micro graduation to become, each working procedure, defers to the strict working instruction and the examination standard carries on the production, final product after examination qualified, only then permits packing leaving the plant. The product has the albedo to be high, the pellet distribution is even, grain-size distribution narrow and so on characteristics. Widely applies in the plastic, the rubber, the glass, the building materials, the chemical industry, the feed, the coating, the papermaking, food, the medicine, industries and so on electric power insulation, asphalt, linoleum.
The white powder, the odourlessness, tasteless, expose to air in the air not to have the change, does not dissolve in the water, in includes the ammonium salt or in the carbon dioxide water micro can dissolve, does not dissolve mellowly. Meets the thin acetic acid, the diluted hydrochloric acid, the thin nitric acid easy to have the ebullition and to dissolve; Pyrolysis for calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.
2. Light quality calcium carbonate:
Widely uses in the rubber, the plastic, the PVC tubing, the molding, the coating, the paper, the paint, the sealant, the daily necessities, the medicine, the feed taking the padding and the strengthening agent. What not can only increase the volume, reduce the cost, to be main is can improve the matrix workability, also to be able to play the reinforcement, anti-, wear-resisting, gloss roles and so on to bear tearing, to enhance, therefore the calcium carbonate is not the common padding, but is called the functionality padding.
The light quality calcium carbonate albedo is high, the fluidity is good, is the PVC tubing, the molding biggest auxiliaries, got up to the product increased the volume, the stable size, heat-resisting, smooth, aspect effects and so on gloss to be obvious, thus reduced the cost, achieved the product quality the goal.
The rubber special-purpose calcium, has the blotting value to be low, the reinforcement effect is good, resistance to wear strong and characteristics and so on anti-tearing. The coating special-purpose calcium can strengthen the adhesion, the color reliable oxidation resistance, to increase cost merits and so on fills in the quantity, to reduce