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Product Feature Description: colorless cubic crystal, white or white porous or grain or honeycomb type, stinkless and slightly bitter taste. Relative Density of 2.15(250) , melting point of 7820 , boiling point of 16000 or above, extremely strong hydroscopicity, easy to deliquescence in the air, easy to dissolve with water and at the same time release a great deal of heat. It's water solution is slight acidity nature, dissolve with alcohol, Acetone and acetate. If it reacts with ammonia and alcohol, produce CaCl278NH3 and CaCl274C2H5OH. Under common temperature, crystal is hexahydrate if it is separated from water solution. Add heat to 300, it dissovles with self crystal water, continue to add heat up to 2000, it become dihydrate. It it is heated to 2600, it will become white porous calcium choloride anhydrous.
Application: suitable for highway, expressway, parking and wharf. As multiple function desiccant, it can dry nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide. As dehydrating agent when producing alcohol, aeter and Acrylic acid. Water solution of calcium chloride is a kind of important cooling agent for cooling machine and ice making. It can speeden hardness of concrete and cold resistance ability of construction sand. It is a fine construction cold proof agent. It can act as fog removing agent for port and dust collecting agent and fireproof agent for textile. It acts as protective agent and refining agent for aluminum and magnesium. It is a kind of precipitant in producing Watchung paint. It is also used to processing and ink removing of waste paper. It is raw material of producing calcium salt. It acts as Flocculating agent in bean industry.
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