Sell calcium hypophosphite

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Calcium Phosphate
Molecular Formula: Ca3(PO4)2
Molecular: 310.18
Property: White or whitish gray irregular powder, odorless, nontoxic, with the melting point of 16700C. Soluble in acid, slightly soluble in water, not soluble in alcohol.
Item Specification
Phosphorus Content(P) % >= 16
Calcium Content (Ca) %<= 33
Fluorine Content (F) %<= 0.05
Arsenic Content (As) % <= 0.005
Heavy Metal (Calculated as Pb) % <= 0.003
Fineness % <= 95

Uses: Feed additive of phosphorus and calcium with long shelf life, capable of accelerating the growth of livestock and poultry. Moreover, it can be used in the manufacture of ceramics, opal glass, drug powder etc.
1. Covered in transportation to prevent rain and sunlight. Not transported with toxic and injurants.
2. Stored in dark, dry places to prevent rain and sunlight. Not stored with toxic and injurants.

Package: In white plastic bag lined with food-grade PVC plastic membrane bag with the net capacity of 50 kg or 25 kg.