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For customer who use the call back service to make a call usually follows the steps below
1. Pick up the phone and dial the callback service number (also called access number)
2. Upon hearing the ring tone, hang up
3. waiting until hear the call from the call (call back) service. Typically this period of time takes 5-60seconds depends on how soon the system answers you.
4. After picking up the phone, an IVR tells to input PIN and other options like language selection etc.
5. After input the PIN correctly, the system then allows to make the call
6. Then dial the destination number and after get connected the conversation begins.

All the steps are really bothering and inconvenient because people have to do the same procedure each time when they make a call, and when he/she mistypes, he/she will have to do this again from the beginning. But with Call Back Auto-dialer, people just store the information of access number, card number, pin with it, then when he/she makes a call, auto-dialer will help to finish all the steps automatically.
So Call Back auto-dialer makes call back service just like IDD service
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