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The Introduction of Camellia Oil

Camellia Oil is golden oil which is extracted from camellia seed and cold-hand pressed using traditional techniques. it is non-toxic, odor free. The physical properties of Camellia Oil and its component of fatty acids are much similar to those of Olive Oil but it contains more unsaturated fatty acid than Olive Oil. It is famous because of being scanty and has been used for centuries in China.
Camellia oil is one of nature's best kept secrets especially in the health and beauty world. For different purpose, it can be processed into different products like edible, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, massage oil and lubricating oil.
Cooking: Camellia Oil is a kind of food. Apply a spoon of camellia oil when cooking. It looks fresh, taste well and has no pectin and little oil lampblack during cooking. It is an ideal seasoning for cold salad food without any peculiar smell. It, therefore, is considered worldwide the best edible woody oil.
Camellia oil contains rich vitamin A, B & E and various minerals, P, Za, Ca, Fe, Mn, and Mg, no cholesterol , synthetic flavoring and preservatives. With its rich index of mono-unsaturated fatty acid, it stands out among many other vegetable oils and is named pure natural green health protective food. Persistent use of it will be helpful for lowering the blood fat , reducing cholesterin in blood , preventing the coronary disease and high blood pressure and enhancing the bodys anti-oxidation capacity , helping woman become fine after bearing a baby and so on . The oils digestive absorption rate of human body is 97 percent , which is much higher than the rate of other cooking oil. The Camellia oil based health and personal care products are available as well.
Cosmetic: Camellia Oil is a very good material to be used in the cosmetic industry. It is natural and pure oil which contains 86% oleic oil. Oleic oil is not easy to be deteriorate, oxygenated and evaporated, which fits the human body perfectly. To be used on hair care, this wonderful oil gives damaged and dry hair nourishment it needs. After applying camellia oil onto the skin, the oil essence will infiltrate into the layer of skin and makes the skin moist, fresh and elastic. Amazing functions of camellia oil: makes tough skin becomes smooth, tight and elastic. Lightens the black and red spots on the skin caused by prolong exposure to sunlight. Softens the skin pores on face and body. Becomes easier to erase pimples and acnes. Normalizes sensitive skin. According to the scientific research, camellia oil is many times more stable than oilve oil and glycerin which are usually used in cosmetic industry. It, therefore, may be said that camellia oil is the best material for cosmetics indusry.
Lubricate: Camellia Oil is a favorite traditional tool treatment among both samurai and woodworkers, used for easing chisels and knives during their work. Light and odorless, the oil is non-staining and doesnt affect glue-up. Use a light wipe on all your steel tools to keep them cleam and shiny. It is also effective in preventing rust on iron tools and blades, and is unlikely to interfere with finishes.