Sell camp folding stove /fuel cooker

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Characteristic and usage of outdoor stove
1. Exquisite designing, beautiful, strong practicability.
2. Small size. The size iS 120x97x30mm.
3. Light weight Weight is 373g including fuel.
4. Easy using. You only have to unfold the package, take it out. It can be used indoors and outdoors. You can cook, bake, stew, boil by a small size pot or use it as a heater stove.
5. Safe. Smokeless, tasteless, nonpoisonous when burning. Burn without any residues, environment protecting. (belong to combustion type)
6. Easy carrying. Solid fuel, safe and easy carrying.
7. Suitable to army, school, company, family, camping, traveling and picnic. EtC.
Available Colors
yellow / black
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