Sell camping lantern

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1) Efficient 32pcs LED lamp with life time of 100,000h and long working hours

(can be 24pcs LED,28pcs LED for choose)

LED is round with flange led lamps, angle is 120degree, diameter:4.8*4.4mm,1200-1500mcd, can equal of 12000mcd of round led lamps, and lifespan is more longer.

2) Brightness adjustable to different scales

3) Premium lantern with elegant design and super reliability


1) Solar panel:2.5w multi-crystalline silicon solar panel(can be 2w)

2) Battery:2.5ah/6v sealed maintenance lead-acid battery or 4ah/1.2v C-cell 4pcs Ni-Mh batteries

3) Life time:100,000h

Input :

1) Input option A:charged by regular electricity, charging time 6-8h

2) Input option B:charged by 12 V car charger:6-8h

3) Input option C:charged by solar panel, charging time 12-15h with 2w solar panel,8-10h with 2.5w solar panel(for 2.5ah/6v sealed lead-acid battery)

charged by solar panel, charging time 13-16h with 2w solar panel,9-11h with 2.5w solar panel(for 4ah/1.2v 4pcs ni-mh batteries)

4) Once fully charged , the lantern can be continumously work for 60h on its 20% brightness. Brightness can be changed to five different scale(20%,40%,60%,80%,100%) (for 4ah 4pcs ni-mh batteries)

for 2.5ah/6v sealed lead-acid battery:35h on its 20%


1)220V/110V AC/DC charger

2) 12v car charger

3) Solar Panel(Laminated by high light transmission, less reflex toughened foggy glass, aging resistance EVA, high performance mony-crystalline silicon solar cells and good weathering resistance TPT, ensuring good weathering resistance, anti-hail and water-proof. ; Adopts advanced techniques and production equipment, which ensures its stable and power output and a service life as long as 25 years; Average conversion efficiency above 15.2%)

4) Compass included

Outer package:


Carton Dimensions:45*32*55cm

Carton volume:0.0792m3