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Product Description
Our dayrelax portable toilet is among the rv parts series. The compact design makes carriage very convenient. Users are able to detach the two parts and empty the waste easily. Manual flush saves water while the good flushing effect is is guaranteed.

Product Feature
This type of portable toilet features lots of characteristics that're especially tailored in design and inner structure to tailor the needs of our clients.

1. Two sections come apart, reattach easily;

2. Self-storing, rotating Pour-Out Spout makes emptying easy and prevents spills.

3. Push-button Air Relief Valve allows quick, clean tank evacuation.

4. Sufficient waste tank capacity needn't be emptied very often.

5. Push out the lid latch when in use and push back for detachment or storage

6. The plastic toilet is injection-molded, freeze-resistant, tough thermoplastic

7. The surface is highly glossed, hygenic and easy to clean.

8. Level indicator tells user when to empty the waste. When the waste tank is full, the level indicator turns red as a signal of emptying waste.

9. Extra deep bowl for greater comfort.

10. Holding tank vent for cleaner and easier discharge of waste.

11. lid snaps closed preventing vibration

Product Specification/Models
The capacity is among the largest of its kind. So users needn't bother emptying it very often.

Model: DTW-01A

Water tank holds: 15.0(L)

Holding tank holds:21.0(L)

Dimensions:410x369x410(hxwxd) mm


Color: White

The portable feature makes it possible to be applied in various areas as follows.

1. Marine

2. Trucking

3. Camping Hunting & Fishing

4. Emergency Applications

5. Bedside

6. Hospital

Other Information
Up to now, the annual production can be as high as 50,000 pcs. Usually a 20' container loads approximately 390 pcs, while a 40' H container loades approximately 890 pcs of portable toilet. If your order doesn't amount to that much, please don't feel upset. As we could calcuate a most favorable price based on the unit cost, sea freight( in this case, it would usually be the cost of consolidation fees) and etc.

These operating instructions contain directions for the use of product. The Toilet is a high quality product. It is a comfortable and fully portable flush toilet for use during camping holidays, at home, in garden houses , boats or any other locations without sanitary facilities. The toilet is hygienic to use and constructed from high quality raw materials. This makes the day relax portable toilet a durable and user& maintenance friendly toilet.

The toilet is make up of two detachable sections. These are easy to connect and disconnect form each other. The upper section is a combin ed flush water tank and toilet bowl, with a removable toilet seat and cover. The lower section is the waste tank.

The actions to be taken, referred to by numbers, are illustrated on the upper part .


1. Slide the latch to the right while simultaneously removing the flush water tank from the waste tank. Upon releasing the latch, it automatically slides back into position.
N. B. : The valve handle locks when you have removed the flush water tank from the waste tank.

2. Place the waste tank upright and turn the emptying spout upwards. Unscrew the emptying spout cap and add the stated quantity of the toilet fluid for the waste tank via the emptying spout. This quickly breaks down waste, avoids unpleasant smells in the waste tank and keeps the inside of the waste tank clean. Add approximately 2 litres of water; enough to ensure that the bottom of the waste tank is covered with liquid. The emptying spout cap is enclosed with these operating instructions.

3. Turn the emptying spout back into position and place the waste tank on its base. Place the water tank squarely on top of the waste tank, then push the water tank downwards. The latching system automatically locks the water tank on the waste lank.

4. Take the cap off the flush water tank and fill it with clean water. Add the stated amount of toilet fluid to the water tank. This ensures a better and cleaner flush and keeps the water in the flush tank fresh.

5. Open and close the waste tank valve blade once with the lid closed. This avoids excess pressure build up in the tank, that can be caused by large temperature and /or height differences.
Note! To avoid pressure differences when transporting at widely varying altitudes, leave the valve blade slight open with the lide closed. This is to avoid pressure differences.

6. Run some water into the bowl by pressing on the pump (flush button) . The toilet may be used with the blade open or closed. To open the valve blade pull the valve handle. Your toilet is now ready for use. After use, open the valve blade(if it is still closed) by pulling on the valve handle. Flush the toilet by pressing on the pump(flush button) . The most effective flush is obtained by pressing the pump (flush button) several (3 or 4) times at short intervals. Shut the valve blade using the valve handle.

If the waste level indicator has moved from green to red, the waste tank should be emptied. The waste level indicators start to move from green to red when the tank is 3/4 full.

7. Disconnect the flush water tank from the waste tank(see preparing for use point 3) . Take the waste tank to either a normal toilet or to an authorized waste disposal point.

8. Place the waste tank on its side and turn the emptying spout upwards. Unscrew the emptying spout cap and empty the waste tank. To avoid splashing when emptying, keep the vent plunger depressed using your thumb.
Note! Do not press the vent plunger in until the emptying spout is pointing downwards. Rinse the tank out with clean water. If necessary, prepare the toilet for use once again(see preparing for use)

L/C or T/T 30% in deposit

to be decided


Minimum Order
a 20' container load

Seaworthy Packaging

We have Q. C department especiallya attending to it


Sample Price

Note: For an order of 20' container load, the FOB price is USD$35.00. While that for a 40' container load is US$30.20.
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