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[Product type]: active pharmaceutical ingredient
[English name]: Camptothecin
[Molecular formula]: C20H16N2O4
[Molecular weight]: 348.36
[ C A S ]: 7689-03-4
[Quality standard]: Enterprise Standard
[ Content]:>=98%
[Appearance]: Light Yellow crystalline powder
[Character]: Camptothecin is a quinoline-based alkaloid found in the barks of the chinese camptotheca tree and the Asian nothapodytes tree. Camptotheca acuminate as the fruit and root of the Chinese dove tree with cold nature and bitter flavor. In "Chinese herds" which is described as "cancer-curable, calculus exploded, curing the cancer in stomach, rectum and cystic, also has the good effects for chronic granulocytic leukemia. The whole Chinese dove tree contains the alkaloid-Camptothecin. Anti-cancer is the major pharmacodynamic effect.
[ Storage ]:Shade, airtight and cold place.