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Canned Sweet Corn have many forms, mainly Whole and paste. Canned Whole Peeled process, including to be, testing, segmentation, canning salt solution, sealing, sterilization and cooling. Canned sweet corn paste processes, including segmentation, cleaning, mixing, canning, sealing, sterilization and cooling
Used as a raw material of canned sweet corn demand and good flavor, can heat cooking, kinds of grain soft, sugar high, golden color. Its a great bearing on the quality and maturity. From the sweet and tender phase to the stiff starch phase over time is very short, at the appropriate time to harvest. Guo tender was easy to make the product thin soup-like; too familiar with the loss of sweet flavor, starch and too many old hard rough texture. Must therefore master the harvest maturity, generally Whole sweet corn, sweet corn paste product requirements than the more these young. Harvest time in general rule of thumb method used to determine the nails, according to Pops nails the extent to which the juice out of phase and paste into milky ripe stage. But this method to determine due to human fatigue, if the maturity early, and often will reduce the proportion of milky stage. Determination of sweet corn kernels and bracts of the moisture content is also often used as a sign of maturity. Bracts of the high water content, the kinds of grain these young, otherwise the contrary. The United States, production targets are as follows: a water content of 72.0% product bracts, two goods, 71.8%, 70.0% three products, four products 67.0%, 57.2% 5 items.

Packing Style N. W D. W CTN/20'FCL
6*2840g Whole kernel 2840g 1800g 1000
24*850g Whole kernel 850g 410g 850
24*425g Whole kernel 425g 230g 1700
24*340g Whole kernel 340g 285g 1850
24*340g Whole kernel 340g 250g 1850
24*184g Whole kernel 184g 114g 3000
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