Sell canned vegetables and fruit

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A. Canned vegetables in brine or water
1. Canned sweet corn
-specification: sweet kernel corn, cream style
2. Canned baby corn
-specification: spear, cut
3. Canned bamboo shoots
-specification: slice, dice, strip, tip, half
4. Canned water chestnut r
-specification: whole, slice
5. Canned oyster mushroom
-specification: big size, mixed size
6. Canned green jackfruit
7. Canned bean sprouts
8. Bagged sour mustard green
1. Can: 8oz, 12oz, 15oz, 20oz, A10
2. Glass jar: 12oz
3. Bag: 250g, 500g, 3kgs

B. Canned fruits in syrup
1. Canned sliced mango
-specification: light syrup, heavy syrup
-count: 4-6pcs, 5-8pcs
2. Canned rambutan
-specification: rambutan, rambutan stuffed
with pineapple
-size: L, M, S, Broken
3. Canned tropical fruit cocktail
-specification: light syrup, heavy syrup
-ingredients: pineapple, papaya, guava, nata
de coco or banana ; ingredients can be
4. Canned longan
-size: L, M, S, Broken
5. Canned lychee
-size: L, M, S, Broke
6. Canned pineapple
-specification: slice, piece, chunk, crushed
-liquid: light syrup, heavy syrup, natural
pineapple juice
7. Canned papaya
8. Canned guava
9. Canned jackfruit
Packing: 8oz, 20oz, 30oz, A10

C. Canned beverages
1. Fruit juice
-mango juice, coconut juice, tamarind juice
2. Health drink
-grass jelly drink, aloe vera juice with pulp
3. Tea
-apple tea, chrysanthemum tea
Packing: 250ml, 330ml, 520ml

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